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    New -> Sketch

    Sastre kicking some ass

    Another rough panel from Saihôshi Volume 2. It’s almost finished! By Diana.

    Stallion books

    They arrived at last! :D

    Small update

    New Sketch.Â

    Wet Guardians

    A rough panel from Saihôshi Volume 2. They are Sastre and Yinn.   By Diana.

    New face

    - We’ve changed the website layout, feel free to wander around… – Stallion has finally been released! You can order it online through Amazon. – Saihôshi, The Guardian vol.2 appeared in the July edition of Previews. The book will come out in USA next September and, hopefully, a bit later in Spain. Updates: Gallery SketchÂ

    Saihôshi, The Guardian

    Website: http://www.stkosen.com/saihoshi/ Versión papel /Paperback Editorial | Publisher: : Yaoi Press (USA) | Ivrea (Spain) | Freebooks (Italy) | The Wild Side Press (Germany) | Kasen Comics (Poland) Fecha | Date: 2006 Extensión| Paperback: 162 pages Género | Genre: Fantasy, yaoi Samples:      Pulsa aquí para leer la preview en español. Available in » [English] [Español] […]

    Curriculum Vitae

    COMICS 2010 · Lêttera, comic (192 pages) -Ediciones Glénat (Spain)- 2010 · La Leyenda del Maneki Neko, short comic (8 pages) for an anthology published by the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid (Spain) as part of an Exhibition called “Fascinados por Oriente” -Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas de Madrid (Spain)- 2008 · Inks […]


    Editorial | Publisher: Yaoi Press (USA) | Ivrea (Spain) | The Wild Side Press (Germany) | Freebooks (Italy) Fecha | Date: 2006 Extensión | Paperback: 192 pages Género | Genre: Yaoi


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